Molecular Dynamics Survey
  • Our research group is currently evaluating the definition of the "equilibrium state" of molecular dynamics trajectories. One aspect for that purpose is the opinion of an expert panel i.e. scientists familiar with molecular dynamics simulations estimate when a given trajectory reaches equilibrium state.

    To employ this in an easy and comfortable way we implemented an online survey where 80 RMSD plots are evaluated on 2 different days (40 on a first day and 40 on a second day). All data will be processed in an anonymous way. We would highly appreciate if you would be interested in filling out this survey since we need only 3 more people to participate to obtain significant results.

    If you are interested please e-mail with “surveyâ€
  • Okey the user compliance seems not so high ;-)

    If anyone is interested please use:
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    user='user2' and pw 'sxjxxodfm'

    It just takes ~4 minutes on day one and 4 min again on day 2 ...