RCDI/eRCDI web-server for codon usage deoptimization
  • The RCDI server is a web-application that calculates the Relative Codon Deoptimization Index (RCDI) and an expected value of the RCDI for a set of query sequences by generating random sequences with similar G+C content and amino acid composition to the input. The purpose of the server is to help in the analysis of host-virus phylogenetic relationships or to infer the potential host range of a virus and its replication strategy, as well as in experimental virology to ease the step of gene design for heterologous protein expression.

    RCDI/E-RCDI is and update of the server CAIcal (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://genomes.urv.cat/CAIcal">http://genomes.urv.cat/CAIcal</a><!-- m -->). This server is freely accessible at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://genomes.urv.cat/CAIcal/RCDI">http://genomes.urv.cat/CAIcal/RCDI</a><!-- m -->.

    For more details see Puigbo et al. (2010) BMC Reasearch Notes, 3:87.