Intro to OS
  • How useful is multithreaded programming to bioinformatics? I am a biologist at heart and I like programming, but find it really hard to program at the pace demanded by school. From rumors I have heard from many people, Introduction to Operating Systems is one of the toughest CS classes. So the idea of having to take this class actually scares me. Your opinions/thoughts on the class?
  • I am also a life scientist by training.

    I have never had any OS class. And I am doing fine without it at work. But if your school requires you to take OS class, it may be a different story.
  • I am computer Science Graduate and want to do MS in Bioinformatics. I dont know why you would need OS in Bioinformatics or any Biology related courses. Even if its required by the university I dont think they will cover the complicated stuffs like Multithreaded programming or building an OS with Nachos. Maybe they will just give you some theoritical Idea and maybe small programs maybe very easy multithreaded programs which can be easily done with Java or C++
    So dont worry talk with the faculty of that course or maybe some senior studnets who took that get the details about that course
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