Bioinformatics Scientist MD
    As a Scientist in the Informatics Department, the successful candidate will play an important role in providing bioinformatics supports for genomic discovery projects. You will be working with the cross-functional team of molecular biologists, software engineers, and algorithmicists to accelerate the discovery of genetic determinants of lean body mass and degenerative joint disease. You will be responsible for comparing genomic sequence data, EST sequence data, and AFLP profiles between model organisms and human. After implementing pipelines to process the data and load the appropriate databases, you will need to apply your knowledge of molecular biology and animal physiology to creativity and effectively interpret results.
    The successful candidate must have a MS in molecular biology, physiology, genetics or a related field, plus 3 years of work experience in genomic sequence analysis or a PhD in molecular biology, physiology, genetics or a related field with research experience in genomic sequence analysis. This position requires an individual who can organize, maintain, and document large datasets. Additionally, the successful candidate will be familiar with UNIX and NT environments, relational database queries using SQL, and fundamental bioinformatics software tools. Knowledge of comparative genomics, orthologous and paralogous gene families, and/or gene promoter analysis is highly desirable. Must be committed to working in a team environment